Baoding Ningxin New Material Co.,Ltd.

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We are professional foundry molten metal filter manufacturer from China since 2002.

*Sic ceramic foam filters for iron and non-ferrous castings filtration.
*Aluminum filtration fiberglass mesh filter.
*High silica fiberglass mesh filters for iron and scale steel castings filtration, for riser & gating parts removal.
*Extruded ceramic filters for aluminum and iron filtration.
*Alumina ceramic foam filters for aluminum filtration.

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          • Baoding Ningxin New Material Co.,Ltd.
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          • Glass Fabrics for Aluminium Filtration Fiber Glass Filter Fabric Mesh for Molten Aluminium Filtration ceramic foam filter for liquid aluminium filtration Aluminium Filtration Fabrics
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          • Baqie Industrial Zone,Baoding City,Hebei Province, China
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          • 071000
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          • James Wang
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          • Export Manager
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          • 86-312-8925702
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